The Great GIF Gallery

Animated gifs are to the internet, what celebrities are to society–stupid, nonsensical things that waste most of your day. Continuing on that theme, these animated gifs are to internet gifs, what Rickey Gervais is to celebrities… funny.

So take a minute and check a few out–I promise they won’t be as pale as Lindsay Lohan.
b2f311c18qi blackhump3

4y9swlk yumyumyum

1185459445143 omg

343ea71ba13fc849d5ab05e2fb9efdebf53dc640 50109bird faceplant

this-is-a-baby-pondering hulkster

1150479665937 falloff hulksterbot1cc

blingspin eeebbf0147efa8859931e7716bf22a02

7b-farley2 forcewtf_2 penguin

franklinface6sx 1181436005545

nothefather-32a ari3_2

jb 29938159mce7 hilarity1 tomyumgoong-lampkick

baby4 wicket

fwoosh steinerfuckup

burger_king_scare_3 the-bill-please

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