The drunker you are, the harder you fall: 10 great drunk videos


One of my favorite youtube search queries is drunk fall. And because I’m sure you’ve been there but probably weren’t lucky enough to have a friend (or complete stranger) film you, I found it necessary to compile a top 10 list acclaiming those drunks who were lucky enough not just to be filmed, but to end up on youtube tagged under my favorite youtube search query: drunk fall.

Thank you youtube.

10. Can’t sober up by running

9. The dirty cop

8. Hole in one, then out the door

7. Too drunk to ride/stand

6. Mr. Wobbles

5. The hidden hitchhiker

4. Alright guys, see you tomorr…

3. 2 dudes, 1 stump

2. Don’t mind me, just go around

1. Dude Vs. Puddle

My loony bun is fine benny lava!

How to fireman carr… wait a sec