The 3 Greatest Ways To Remove Your Shoes

kobe bryant nike shoes

All this time I have been taking my shoes off by untying the laces, pulling on the tongue to loosen them and slipping my feet out. I never realized there were other, more like a boss ways of taking off my shoes.

That is of course, until now.

By Boat

I never realized boats were so useful in shoe removal, and for that matter, that the earth was so good at giving face massages.

By Train

train shoe removal close call fail gif

While I’m partial to the by boat method if only for practically reasons, the by train method is equally effective in singular shoe removal especially when your income level is too third-world to afford the luxuries of the by boat method.

By Treadmill

The most effective method has to be by treadmill in that it’s the safest, fastest and most inexpensive means of taking off your shoes and you can do it in your own home.

Plus you get the added bonus of two shoes for the price of one, just like the ShamWow.

This also makes for an excellent GIF.

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