• The Stoned Polar Bear… too funny!

  • Bob

    Taxidermy, you’re spelling it wrong

    • theskystretchesblue

      Not from the way these look, it’s not. LOL.

  • Nestor Agustín Vassallo

    The polar bear is high

    • Louise

      That or too much Coke.

  • amiee

    the fox says nothing now

  • Joseph Alves

    Those alligators are classic. Where do I get them?

  • jerm hawthorne

    Is it just me, or does the polar bear look like Brian Griffin, and the thing underneath his pic looks like a flat-nosed skrat.

  • Randy Lahey

    This is genuinely scary.

  • Memiras

    Respect for the animals!

  • dazzypops

    Anxious fox is anxious.

  • Pat Patterson

    The donkey or burrow looks half-assed.