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  • Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis & Conan O’Brien

    Zach Galifianakis brings Conan O’Brien between two ferns for an intimate interview. Topics include the Michelin Man and the sound of a cricket riding a tumbleweed. Where Are All The Hoes? [Holy Taco ] The Most Satisfying Motorcycle Wheelie FAIL [Gorrila Mask] The Hottest Time Waster You’ll See All Day [Busted Coverage] The Best Movie […]

  • 86-Year-Old Titan's Owner Bud Adams Flips Bird At Bills 2

    86-Year-Old Titan’s Owner Bud Adams Flips Bird At Bills

    When two last place teams with losing records square off, you can’t expect the winning team to know proper post-game celebration etiquette, and Titan’s owner Bud Adams is no exception. It’s like when a defensive lineman recovers a fumble, runs it back for what looks like is going to be a touchdown, high-steps, holds the […]

  • The Best of Eastbound and Down's Kenny Powers 2

    The Best of Eastbound and Down’s Kenny Powers

    Having seen the entire HBO series, it’s difficult for me to say whether or not you need to have watched Eastbound & Down to understand who Kenny Powers is for this Best Of compilation to resonate. All you really need to know is that Kenny Powers is ex-Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker, and that Ashley […]

  • Can These Basketball Shots Be Real? 2

    Can These Basketball Shots Be Real?

    I’ve seen a ton of viral videos make their rounds on the internet and most of them are fake, but there’s something about this video that exudes authenticity. Maybe it’s the guys’ enthusiasm, maybe it’s the realistic net movements, or maybe it’s the fact that these guys are stuck in the middle of nowhere with […]

  • Didn’t Tom Cruise do something similar on Oprah?

    This idiot claims to be psychic, but when the talk show host questions him about his powers, he freaks, rips off his microphone, and rolls around on the hardwood floor. I know this guy isn’t nuts–he’s just acting like an idiot to pull in some quick cash from the idiots who call in. Tom Cruise […]