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  • Top 10 Moments In Fox News Fail 11

    Top 10 Moments In Fox News Fail

    I don’t intend to finger Fox News as incredible or inaccurate with this top 10 list — they prefer to take care of that on their own. What I want to call attention to, especially to those Liberals who have never watched Fox News, is that there is in fact entertainment value in watching Fox […]

  • Top 10 Celebrity Photobombs

    Timing, delivery, and emotional integrity are three of the most essential components of a great actor’s toolkit. Interestingly, these three components are also what makes for an exceptional photobomb. Naturally we thought, who better to pull off the ideal photobomb than celebs who are versed in timing, delivery and emotional integrity? Then we realized that […]

  • 10 Photos of Bicycle Fail, 1 Photo of Bicycle Win

    It’s extremely difficult for anyone to look cool while riding a bicycle, the helmets, shorts, and sunglasses do not allow fr it. Consequently, the fact that the following 10 people are bicyclists gives them a head-start on the fail-o-meter. Throw in a huge puddle, a manhole, and the occasional light-post and we’ve got what we’re […]

  • 10 Signs You Drank Too Much

    For whatever reason, our readers seem to enjoy articles and lists about excessive drinking and (anti)socialite behavior, so we tend to allocate most of our day to said niche (if not textually, in reality). We’ve done The Drunker You Are, The Harder You Fall and we’ve done the Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much […]

  • Top 10 Stupid Store Names

    When you’re thinking of a name for your hot new burger joint or your neighborhood ice-creamery, you should take a second to make sure your ideas are not derived from categories on the popular SNL skit Celebrity Jeopardy. These 10 store names (one company name) were never double-checked, consequently they make up Banned’s Top 10 […]

  • 10 More signs you need to go on a diet 2

    10 More signs you need to go on a diet

    For those of you who are new to Banned In Hollywood, we’ve been posting articles — top 10 lists rather — like this for quite some time. If you’re able to laugh at least one of these photos you’ll probably like the rest of the site. If you become annoyed, irritated, or down-right pissed off […]

  • The drunker you are, the harder you fall: 10 great drunk videos

    One of my favorite youtube search queries is drunk fall. And because I’m sure you’ve been there but probably weren’t lucky enough to have a friend (or complete stranger) film you, I found it necessary to compile a top 10 list acclaiming those drunks who were lucky enough not just to be filmed, but to […]

  • 10 More Signs You Need To Go On A Diet

    Back in January I compiled an insanely successful image list of the top 12 signs people should begin dieting. Over the next few months I realized that those 12 instances were not the 12 best examples. While they were 12 great examples, I’ve found a few more stunning moments in morbid obesity. Are they funny? […]

  • Top 5 Megan Fox TV roles

    WarmingGlow.com is essentially the posthumous pre-op butt-baby of television/celebrity blogs that now saturate themselves with the mind-numbingly explicit crotch shots of fallen glam celebs Britney Spears, and most recently, Lindsay Lohan. It’s refreshing–and I mean that even when making reference to Tenacious D’s not-so-mainstream short film of Kyle Gass’ LSD/EPT induced rectal birth. WarmingGlow explains– […]

  • Twenty Great Sex Quotes

    Our buddies over at Gunaxin just published a list of twenty great quotes about beer. In the same vain, we present Banned In Hollywood’s Twenty Great Quotes About Sex. Starting with number 20… 20. “During sex I fantasize that I’m someone else.” –Richard Lewis 19. “Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy […]

  • 12 signs you need to go on a diet

    Some people will be offended by this list–it’s a natural response to those who need to diet–for those of you who don’t need to diet–relax, sit back, put your feet up, and indulge in pictorial-gluttony of gluttons across the world. If in any way you are offended by my compilation–please read what Ricky Gervais has […]