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  • How Not To Surf Off Your Roof

    His first mistake is living in that little stilted methlab. His second mistake is wearing those puffy middle school skate shoes, but to his credit, if you’re going to fail off the roof, doing it off a surfboard is not a bad way to go.

  • The Women Of Surfing: A Gallery

    It’s Wednesday, and being the middle of the week, we like to offer some nsfwishness to those who find themselves mindlessly sifting through blogs from their office cubicle, forgetting they are at work, forgetting they are supposed to be working.

  • Surfing Is A Woman’s Sport

    At least it is in this gallery… And let’s be honest, why marvel at the talented male professional surfers when we can gawk at these pros as they cut back and catch air while sporting bikinis and tan bodies? Just saying. Photos via: MPORA