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Iggy Azalea’s Freestyle Rap Needs Subtitles To Make Less Sense Than It Already Did [0:57]
Mar 30, 2015 – 2:23 AM | No Comment

Iggy Azalea’s glitching attempt to freestyle/rap in public gets subtitles so you can have an easier time not understanding a single thing she tries to say.
I remember my first stroke.
“Spin like a pelt erector.”
Nice Try …

EDC Las Vegas 2014: The Girls of Electric Daisy Carnival (36 Pics)
Jun 30, 2014 – 12:08 PM | No Comment

The girls of EDC Las Vegas 2014.

EDM/Electronic Dance Music Festival Stages Are Insane (27 Pics)
Apr 24, 2014 – 10:15 AM | No Comment

Electronic Dance Music Festival stages are insane.

‘A Taste Of Dick Black’ And Other Awesomely Horrible Album Covers (61 Pictures)
Dec 14, 2013 – 8:03 AM | One Comment

You know your music career has hit full-on Bono-status when some agent greenlights your debut album titled A Taste of Dick Black.
Triple platinum.

James Franco & Seth Rogen Remake Kanye West’s Bound 2 Shot For Shot: Bound 3 [4:19]
Nov 26, 2013 – 5:22 PM | No Comment

James Franco and Seth Rogen were bored on set of The Interview and decided to spoof Kanye West’s creepy Bound 2 music video. Check it out after the jump.

This Is How You Basketball [0:54]
Jun 19, 2013 – 2:03 PM | No Comment

How Ben Lapps plays basketball.

Lil Dicky’s Ex-Boyfriend [4:27]
Apr 25, 2013 – 3:29 PM | One Comment

Lil Dicky’s official Ex-Boyfriend video.

Stage Diving… You’re Doing It Wrong
Oct 10, 2011 – 2:21 PM | One Comment

You can hardly blame these guys for their ESL cover of Blur’s Song 2 — a lot can be lost in translation

Mariachis Serenade A Beluga Whale… No Big Deal
Aug 3, 2011 – 1:22 PM | 3 Comments

As you might expect, the pinnacle of any Mariachi’s professional career, the coming of age, the Quinceañera, is the mariachi serenade of the beluga whale (may also be referred to as the sea canary).

Jon Jajoie – Fuck Everything
Jul 29, 2011 – 2:38 PM | 2 Comments

Jon Lajoie is back at it again with his newest video for the song “Fuck Everything”.

Who Said White Folk Can’t Dance?
May 18, 2011 – 11:42 AM | One Comment

This was from way back when you didn’t need to be attractive to get the singing role in a movie.

Kings of Leon’s Back Down South On Storytellers Leads The Links
May 16, 2011 – 8:43 PM | One Comment

Kings of Leon perform Back Down South on VH1’s Storytellers and tell a little bit about how the song was conceived. Still waiting to see the lap steel come out on stage.

Wannabe Rapper Makes The Beat Drop, The Body Rock
Apr 27, 2011 – 9:20 AM | One Comment

If you’re trying to make it big in your mom’s basement, don’t go posting videos of you passing out from oversmoking on YouTube. What may have worked for Justin Bieber and that driving on salvia …

Radiohead Releasing New Album ‘The King of Limbs’ Saturday Feb 19
Feb 14, 2011 – 1:09 PM | One Comment
Radiohead Releasing New Album ‘The King of Limbs’ Saturday Feb 19

Radiohead announced earlier today via their website the release of their 8th studio album titled The King of Limbs. The eight track album will hit digital shelves on Saturday, February 19th and is currently available …

5 Great Moments In Justin Bieber
Jan 10, 2011 – 12:38 PM | One Comment
5 Great Moments In Justin Bieber

For the longest time I had no idea what a Bieber was in the same way I that I didn’t know what a Snooki was, but after figuring it out I realized he’s essentially the …

A Visual History of Daft Punk’s Helmets (Infographic)
Dec 30, 2010 – 2:02 PM | One Comment
A Visual History of Daft Punk’s Helmets (Infographic)

Because they’re so ubiquitous in music culture and pop culture these days, we kindly provide the official Daft Punk helmet guide which I’m told will need updating again in 2011.

Stagediving, You’re Doing It Wrong
Nov 30, 2010 – 2:19 AM | One Comment
Stagediving, You’re Doing It Wrong

If you’ve never attempted to stage-dive before, it’s probably not a good idea to devirginize yourself at the high-school talent show — no one goes to those things. The crowd’s not big enough.

Peter Singh Has It All Figured Out
Nov 15, 2010 – 2:16 AM | 5 Comments
Peter Singh Has It All Figured Out

Peter Singh really needs to extend his message to religious radicals. I don’t bomb trade centers or foreign embassies, all I want to do is spend one-million rupees.