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  • Double Tranny KO 2

    Double Tranny KO

    The only thing worse than getting knocked out by a guy and having someone capture it on video is getting knocked out by a tranny and having someone catch it on video.

  • Crazy Chef Is Crazy 2

    Crazy Chef Is Crazy

    Anybody else thinking John Belushi as the crazy samurai sushi chef? Me either. I was thinking Charlie Sheen in his Two And A Half Eight Balls trailer running lines and doing lines.

  • Worst Boxer Ever

    I grew up snowboarding, playing baseball, and playing golf — If playing 2-on-2 basketball involved the inexperienced guy getting knocked out by the experienced guy, I would end up like the guy in this video every time I set foot on the court.

  • This is how every boxing match should work

    As far as I’m concerned, UFC has pretty much made traditional boxing obsolete. Why should I watch two fighters square off behind puffy gloves when I can watch two barely padded UFC fighters repeatedly knee and kick each other in the head? Boxing needs to come up with a new gimmick, and I think Tyson […]