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  • Momma vs Baby Elephant

    Momma vs Baby Elephant

    I’m not sure if this relates, but when Matthew Broderick hits Sarah Jessica-Parker is she supposed to call a domestic disturbance hotline or PeTA?

  • Horses Don’t Like To Exercise Either

    Horses Don’t Like To Exercise Either

    But at least this guy is giving it a shot, which is more than fat cat or the guy holding the camera can say. Pretty standard Wednesday in Wyoming — buy some exercise equipment to […]

  • Cats Can Windmill Too

    Cats Can Windmill Too

    Why this guy felt it was necessary to video tape himself breakdancing in the backyard of his mom’s house is beyond me, but we all need to be thankful he did.

  • Never Kick A Kid In The Balls

    Never Kick A Kid In The Balls

    If you’re a white guy and a little black kid comes hopping into your life (I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably this guy), it’s in your best interest not to walk over to him […]

  • They See Me Rollin

    They See Me Rollin

    In my opinion, this is the single greatest application of puppy ever. Screw retrievers, drug sniffing dogs, “smart” dogs, sled dogs and show dogs — give me a dog I can walk around the block […]

  • I Don’t Think He Gets It

    I Don’t Think He Gets It

    The only thing that could make zoophilia any worse is getting unknowingly tricked into engaging in the act with a promiscuous porpoise.

  • How Not To Play Baseball

    How Not To Play Baseball

    Playing professional baseball is not easy. Hitting 600 home runs over your career… not easy. Striking out 20 batters in a single game… not easy. Fielding a ball in the outfield and not tossing it […]

  • Knight Rider Turbo Boost!

    Knight Rider Turbo Boost!

    If there’s anything you should already know about David Hasselhoff, it’s that if he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it in excess. Whether it be drinking alcohol, eating cheeseburgers off the carpet […]

  • Incoming News

    Incoming News

    Don’t feel bad, you know she takes herself way too seriously. She needed something humiliating like this to happen to her — call it, a blessing in disguise.

  • Fish Hadouken

    Fish Hadouken

    Where would humans be if it weren’t for the people taking time away from their jobs, from the friends, and from their families to make animated gifs of street fighter characters hadoukening fish at people?

  • What Not To Do In Case Of Fire

    What Not To Do In Case Of Fire

    When conducting a fire safety demonstration, make sure you employ someone who has a general idea of how to practice safe fire-making. If even this is too much to ask, simply try to hire someone […]

  • Epic Baseball Catch

    Epic Baseball Catch

    After playing baseball my entire life I can completely understand how you can drop a relatively easy to catch flyball like this, but the fact that Young is able to redirect, dive, and catch the […]