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  • Hide And Go Seek Like A Boss 3

    Hide And Go Seek Like A Boss

    Never play hide and go seek with these guys. Also never play hide and go seek when you’re drunk — or as I like to call it, you and all of your friends waking up in really strange parts of the house.

  • Champagne Cork Nutshot Surprise  2

    Champagne Cork Nutshot Surprise

    Nothing says Happy New Year! like lying on your bed in basketball shorts while watching videos of cute kittehs on the internets and taking Korbel cork’s to the nuts.

  • Prop 8 Terrorism

    And you thought they were bad when they were doing trivial things like bombing the US and enriching uranium to nuke South Korea.

  • 20 Illustrated Sexual Euphemisms

    Thanks goes out to the Goons for inspiration (as well as for a few quality photoshop jobs, especially to nickhimself from the SAFs for sexual euphemism #3). In case any of the following 20 illustrated sexual euphemisms leave you stumped, an answer key is provided at the bottom of the page.

  • Unusually Small People Call For Ban Of The Word ‘Midget’

    “The sub-species is created in midget-mills and survives off a strict diet of sugar packets and Keebler brand cookies…” After contestants in an April episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice created a detergent ad called “Jesse James and the Midgets,” miniature activists from Little People of America went to the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of […]

  • Denny Blazin’ Hazen is Average Homeboy

    With ill-smooth rhymes, Denny Blazin’ Hazen is da dopest trick to hit da blawk. When my peeps and me be rollin’ straight breezin’ dis shit be blastin’ like Little Man n’ Fat Boy son! He ain’ no primadonna high roller, he beeze average juz like me! No tycoon daddy and no silva’ spoon, he even […]

  • Top ten moments in fat kid history

    Many youngsters have something about their physical appearance that they wish they could change, except maybe Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, God he’s gorgeous. Some kids have acne, some are too short, and others have glasses (some are even unfortunate enough to have red hair). Given that nobody is perfect, some higher power […]

  • 10 More Signs You Need To Go On A Diet

    Back in January I compiled an insanely successful image list of the top 12 signs people should begin dieting. Over the next few months I realized that those 12 instances were not the 12 best examples. While they were 12 great examples, I’ve found a few more stunning moments in morbid obesity. Are they funny? […]