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  • 13 Excellent Newspaper Moments  14

    13 Excellent Newspaper Moments

    I have a feeling that technology isn’t the only thing that is killing printed publications, but then again, if there were more news articles like the following 13 examples I might actually subscribe. Here’s to morans.

  • 7 Great Moments In Operator Error

    Why operator error? I really couldn’t tell you. It’s simply the first thing that came to mind. Although I do think it is fitting because if your printer is telling you its mayonnaise is low, you’re either doing it wrong or your printer is Kirstie Alley — always printing outside the margins.

  • Annnnnnd Attack 3

    Annnnnnd Attack

    I still can’t figure out why it is that I love watching animals pick on little kids so much. I don’t think you can chalk it up to childhood trauma like you can when a girl habitually dates abusive guys because her father left her when she was six — I don’t think I have […]

  • Lindsay Lohan Has A Cocktail

    I realize now that titling this photo Lindsay Lohan has a cocktail isn’t going to turn any heads. I probably should have written something like, Lindsay Lohan is a Red Headed Slut with Coke.

  • They Grow ‘Em Big In Texas

    They grow ’em big in Texas, which is great if you’re Klayton Kershaw and you’re making millions for hitting 98 on the gun — effectively limiting your opposition to the lowest on base percentage in the National League.

  • Dr. Science Trolls A Soon To Be Troll

    Never ask Dr. Science about the legalities of music piracy. He offered to swing by my pad to help me out and instead rolled up with six feds. Fucking guy. Thankfully I was just downloading the Nickelback discography so they let me go.

  • Best Christmas Lights Ever

    I never thought you could hang Christmas lights sarcastically but this guy got pretty damn close. High-paying job, wife and kids, happily married? Yea whatever, me too.

  • One Day You’ll Thank Us

    The guy in the yellow t-shirt doesn’t look to happy about the whole thing, and for good reason. Apparently the guide translates a little something like:

  • 6 Strange Board Games

    It’s no stretch to say that all board games are not created equal (especially when they’re called The Underground Railroad) — Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk are more involved than Chutes and Ladders.