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  • 14 Great TV Screenshots From Sports

    The greatest thing about screenshots lie in their ability to capture great moments in sports in a single frame — moments that may have gone unnoticed by most watching at home. These screenshots breathe new life into great moments, and thanks to the goons in the Something Awful forums, end up all over the intertubes. […]

  • Trying Too Hard To Be Cool Fail

    Scariest Cereal Mascots.  [Top Cultured] Songs You Always Hear At The Bar.  [Guyism] Optical Illusion. [D&T] This Chick Knows How To Pick Em.  [Next Round] BMW Driver Fails At Parking.  [Totally Crap] The Dolphins Have A Red Carpet?  [Don Chavez] Bulls Won’t Re-sign Tyrus Thomas.  [Hoop Docs] Pedobear’s Halloween Adventure.  [GeekPadShow] 10 Foreign Horror Classics.  […]

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  • Firecrotch

    The Daily Roundup: 11 Treats You Pray You Don’t Get On Halloween (TopCultured) Hockey Goalies Scrap It Out (TotalProSports) Awesome Freaks Of Nature Gallery (TheChive) The New Pirelli Calender Collection (TotallyCrap) Stephanie Pratt Is Sexy (AskMen) Andrea Estevez Is An International Babe (DoubleViking) Kicks To The Throat End Everything (EvilChili) The Hottest Mascots Of All […]

  • Chuck E. Cheese Is The New Pedobear

    Today’s Hot Link Roundup 25 People With Gross Fingernails (HolyTaco) Hot Girls And Vamps (LemonDrop) Hot Girls Love Candy (Coed) Balloon Boy Loves Attention (Maxim) This Person Doesn’t Like Attention Either (IAmBored) Prank To The FACE (EJB) Eco-Friendly Brothels Give Discounts (Asylum) Larry David’s Wife’s Movie (FilmDrunk) Meet the Real-Life Popeye [Pics] (TotalProSports) Facebook Is […]

  • 11 More Signs You Drank Too Much

    Every once in a while we’ll compile a list of images that indicate excessive alcohol consumption (check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here). And while there’s nothing wrong with drinking until you piss your pants, you must understand that the consequences can mean a picture of you butt naked in the driveway ends […]

  • Twenty Five Terrible Food Tattoos

    When it comes to externally expressing your passionate love for corporate food chains, it’s best to keep personal preferences auditory (if at all). The fact becomes that no one cares how much you love Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits, and trust me, if a bucket of deep fried dark meat turns you on like alter boys […]

  • 25 Moments In Gas Station Failure

    You wouldn’t think that going to the gas station to fill up your tank would lead to an insurance claim for a totaled vehicle, but given the nature of humans and their general disregard for paying attention to what they’re doing, the Full Service option should clearly be getting more use. Enjoy the following 25 […]