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  • NHL Ice Girls: A Gallery 36

    NHL Ice Girls: A Gallery

    There’s nothing wrong with a bunch of hot, scantily clad women floating around on ice skates to spice up any NHL game. I’m still waiting for the LA Dodgers to follow suit and hire cheerleaders.

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  • Russian Cheerleaders: A Gallery

    Crimped hair, legwarmers, glitter and way to much makeup might remind you of 7th grade dances chaperoned by PE teachers in the middle school gymnasium, but wipe your memory card because today these things mean Russian Cheerleaders.

  • Top 5 Mascot Fails

    Mascots are to sporting events what the Hays Code was to the film industry, in that they both aim to keep the entertainment pg. But with the advent of nearly naked cheerleaders garnishing he sidelines of most major sporting events (still waiting patiently for the Dodger Dogs), mascots tend to feel under-appreciated, and frequently they […]

  • 5 Sexy NFL Cheerleaders

    We were inspired by Chickipedia and a recent post they did about sexy cheerleaders and we figured, why not add a few preferences of our own? This is what we came up with. Teri Hatcher: San Francisco 49ers Though known for her role as one of the wrinkled MILFs on Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher began […]