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  • The Great Gina Carano Picture Gallery

    “In my head, I’m like, I train and work out like everyone else. They like to tell you what you’re not. They like to keep you down, so they can get more out of you for their money. But fans don’t lie. When they’re all chanting your name, you know they’re supporting you.” Gina Carano […]

  • Worst Boxer Ever

    I grew up snowboarding, playing baseball, and playing golf — If playing 2-on-2 basketball involved the inexperienced guy getting knocked out by the experienced guy, I would end up like the guy in this video every time I set foot on the court.

  • This is how every boxing match should work

    As far as I’m concerned, UFC has pretty much made traditional boxing obsolete. Why should I watch two fighters square off behind puffy gloves when I can watch two barely padded UFC fighters repeatedly knee and kick each other in the head? Boxing needs to come up with a new gimmick, and I think Tyson […]

  • Landed Punches – A Gallery

    There’s nothing less desirable to me than the thought of being knocked out by a professional boxer, and consequently the reward of knocking someone unconscious isn’t enough to trump the disadvantages of me ever stepping inside the ring–this is why I’m not a boxer. A barroom brawl is a whole different story… though if it […]