Steve Holt Has Some Advice For You

steve holt has some good advice

Anytime your nickname contains an exclamation point or for that matter any other symbol or custom character, you’re destined for a career in the food services industry.

Although to be fair, at least he was given a name and not High School Jock #2 — food services is still better than getting killed off before the final season.

Study hard guys… trust me.

  • skeev

    i have no idea what thi spost is trying to say – other than areested development is ace – which everyone knows anyway…well done for a hopeless and pointless post guys…….

    • jojo

      @skeev. I really hope you enjoy working in food services for the rest of your life as well.

      If you can not get the simple advice from thie. Then you need to take a step back and READ. Looking at pictures only foes so far.

      • damneddutch

        Well jojo ,apparently the education system failed you miserably as well. My advice would be to either rejoin Steve Holt in his forth year, or invest in a decent spellchecker.

  • January James

    Hey, big boy! <3

  • nvc

    I work in the food “services” industry and I guarantee I make twice as much as the talented individual that put this together.

    • Twice as much as the Arrested Development writers? Doubtful.