Sofia Vergara Links

GMask Webfinds [Gorilla Mask]
From the archives: Abigail Clancy [Celeb Slam]
New iTunes Feature: Song Excuses [College Humor]

Manning wants Olympic Football [Asylum]
Doctor’s office menu cuts to the chase, offers c*&t examination [Holy Taco]

Fox News…live from liberal scum parade….f-bombs live on TV [MacGsWorld]
Wendy Whoppers striptease on Montel [Unibrow]
7 movies to come out of the Olympic Games [Cuzoogle]
Hot or Not says it all [Don Chavez]
Cuban judo Olympian really doesn’t like ref, kicks him in head [Machochip]
Mad Hooters boobage [Busted Coverage]

Michael Phelps is such a dick [Losers With Socks]
Blogger has man crush on Dewey from YardBarker [Uncoached]
This blogger tells us ‘you need to see more of Brianna Frost’ [Phil Knows Best]
Hayden Panettiere’s Bikini for sale [Screen Junk]
Wake up with the ‘Bikini Teacher’ who sports giant implants [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
Tila Tequila and fake lesbian girlfriend hit pool for fake photo day [Derober]
A fun game for you and the coworkers on a Monday morning: guess the breasts [on205th]

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