Sheyla Hershey, world’s biggest boobs at 38KKK

l-ec7593773db048d2bdf9628d61e67435Even though her boyfriend left her and doctors told her that her boobs would explode, Sheyla Hershey had to follow her dream of having the world’s largest and fakest tits.

The 28-year-old housewife flew to Brazil for her 9th op after doctors in the US refused to work on her massive chest hams–to which she affirmed:

“To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about.”

I respect Sheyla in the same way that I respect Gandhi–doctors said don’t do it–but Sheyla said, “fuck you doctor, I don’t think I have anything to worry about,” and it takes balls, huge fake one’s implanted in one’s chest, to look at someone in the eye that knows much more about what you’re talking about than you do, and say, “I know more than you do,” and I respect that.

To ignorance and enormous tits. Cheers, Sheyla Hershey.