Facebook Reactions to The Onion’s Abortionplex Article

If you haven’t read The Onion’s Abortionplex article yet you most certainly should. Here’s are a few facebook responses to said article, which are, in the most basic sense, on the same plane as fearing for the future of humanity after seeing Transformers 2 (the human hyperbole), and not just because it was a Michael Bay movie.

Planned Parenthood Abortionplex Fail The Onion Facebook Responses

  • rube

    ha ha ha, idiots. I love the Onion for this. It’s like the War of the Worlds happening every second week.

  • kyle

    The Onion is the best. this goes to show how well The Onion actually is at satirizing various topics. people actually believe the things they say– I have even been fooled by a couple of articles until i realized they originated from The Onion.

    It’s absurdly hilarious… a three-story night club and a 10-screen cinema in an “abortionplex”…

  • Jerald

    “sooooooooo stupid” “Dumb Dumb dumb” haha

  • qwert

    i betcha a quarter of those are trolls

    • Steve

      You have too much faith in people.

  • Sionnach

    Apparently none of these idiots know what The Onion is about. They aren’t capable of understanding the subtle sarcasm or the way over the top fiction. Complete dolts.

  • Joe

    This is nothing special. Every time the Onion releases something big and controversial like this, gullible folks make stupid facebook posts about it.

    I can guarantee that if The Onion had released an article saying that Obama had just made it his intention to completely criminalize abortion nationwide, there’d be just as many gullible pro-choicers falling for it as there were pro-lifers who fell for this one.

  • Kibbles

    Did anyone else notice that, in the first reaction, the article linked actually SAYS “satire site The Onion…”?

    • James Donaldson

      That would assume that more than, I don’t know, 1% of the population knew what “satire” meant.

      Not to be snarky, but, I studied the psychology of humor as a graduate student and you’d be surprised how many university professors don’t know what satire means.

    • jimmy

      So, you don’t get satire either, do ya?
      ‘theblaze’ knew enough to know the word “satire”, but was completely incompetent at actually identifying the target of the satire — “theblaze” got the kindergarten version of the joke, and missed the second, actually funny, layer of the joke, which was satirizing folks like “theblaze”.

      Theblaze is actually much funnier than the rest — the others are run-of-the-mill morons who can’t handle anything but fart jokes, but “theblaze” is actually semi-literate and probably is thought of as a genius by a coterie of sycophants.

  • TB

    I bet most of these people ONLY read the headlines…

  • I posted this on my facebook because I thought the satire was really funny, and within ten minutes I had four people “outraged” within comments. Even people who admit to reading the entire article.

  • Mickey

    Some people are so stupid. I love the Onion, but I don’t think they should be fueling stupid people against Planned Parenthood. There are already enough religious idiots trying to fight against women’s rights and Planned Parenthood, and this just makes it clear that they aren’t smart enough to separate some good, dark humor from reality.

  • satanistan

    Is it any coincidense that the people who read this and got outraged also believe the bible? Apparently they don’t recognize fiction when they see it. Calling on america to repent? This isn’t what we have to repent for, even if a repentence meant anything. Also a day late and a dollar short, no?

  • Sarah

    You guys, its not real. There is no such thing as Abortionplex.

  • Thehell?

    Sarah, I think the comment posters got that point.
    -1 to you….and the gullible of this world.

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