Rachel Bush: Banned’s Great Gallery


Rachel Bush of Instagram and Snapchat fame headlines this edition of Banned’s Great Gallery. She’s the Florida Atlantic University girl who likes frat parties, football games and even some of her classes.

“I instantly fell in love with it the moment I walked on campus. It’s beautiful and everyone there was so welcoming. Sure enough, my first day came and it definitely did not fall short of my expectations. I loved every moment of my freshman year, from frat parties to football games! And I even enjoyed most of my classes,” Rachel Bush tells COED.

Now I understand why Snapchat/Tinder creep Lane “Ryan” Kiffin packed up and fled east to Florida Atlantic University and it is not for football.

Regardless, Rachel Bush is engaged (sorry LeBron James) and off the market and thus we’re resigned to plastering her pictures all over the website just as she does to my Instagram feed.

Can’t complain.

And now what you came for… the Rachel Bush Instagram pic gallery overload.

November 1, 1997 | Location: Newcomb, NY | Ht: 5’6″| Wt: NA | Measurements: Plenty
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