Nick Pitera Sings Like A Chick

[digg-me]Douchebag Nick Pitera has been posting videos of himself singing songs for quite some time now, and if you haven’t seen him you must, because he’s a douchebag, and because I said so.

There are very few males (I refrain from using the word men, because well, how can you call this douche a man?) that are able to sing like women. That said, there are even fewer that record themselves doing it, post it on youtube, and think they’re badass for doing so. But thanks to Nick, we get to see this ragingly homosexual rare talent.

Doesn’t he look like American Dad? Douchebag.

And If you really can’t get enough of this guy…

What do you think?

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  1. I didn’t realize that you could call a guy a douche bag that much. Like someone on digg said:
    that’s the most judgmental blog I’ve ever read. By calling the guy a douche so many times, the writer is pretty much saying “I’m pissed because I know he’s going to get laid so many more times than I am”

    I hope the Digg effect crashes your server!

  2. hahahaha this is way too funny – everyone got so sad that this douchebag got made fun of! Everyone who thinks this guy has been laid is completely correct, only that which he laid had a hairy ass…

    screamthenrun, charlie (raging faggot), etc… you guys might not understand why this guy is a fag because you, like Pitera, have sex with hairy men. or waxed men, maybe, but men nonetheless. you guys are like closet homos that havent figured out they’re gey yet. Only you guys know you’re gay… Because you fuck guys in the ass.. because you’re homos….

    hahahahahahaha I am so funny!!!! dude, seriously though, I am cracking myself up right now. I wish i could Digg my comment and get on the front page so everyone could see why gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married… hahah i just laughed again… hahah fags!

  3. Nick Pitera has talent and you and your blog blows dick… your jealous he gets attention, so you mentioned his name to get hits on your blog… then you called him a faggot because your to insecure about your sexuality.

  4. Uhm, you do realize that being able to hit any note while singing has nothing to do with your sexuality, right? You do realize that posting videos of yourself singing is what YouTube was originally created for, right?

    By the way, if he is gay what does it matter? He doesn’t bother you in his videos, shove any opinions or feelings or messages down your throat, or even publicize it. His private life is none of your business and really shouldn’t matter when looking at entertainment value. The question when listening to him shouldn’t be “Is he gay?” it should be “Do I like his music?”. Worry about yourself.

  5. wow, jealous much?
    Seriously guys, so he sucks dick, or doesnt suck dick. What fucking business is that of yours? He has an amazing talent that clearly you are jealous of sitting in front of your computer playing WoW and jerking off to midget porn.
    Move on guys, live and let live.

  6. You realize that by calling him a raging homosexual douche bag you are only drawing attention to your deep down insecurities. This guy has more talent than your judgmental blogs will ever posses.
    P.S. No one likes mean people

  7. The person that wrote this must be a flamming homo…if you weren’t you wouldn’t create an article to try and prove a point, which you obviously didn’t. Your an idiot for posting this little blog, and really need to get a life and stop hiding your sexually to everyone and just come out already. Anyone else that agrees with you or even tries to back you up, has some self issues to work out as well and needs to jump out of the closet. Hes got talent, your jealous and just want to be him or be in him…

  8. OK a few things.

    First, I’m a woman. A reasonably attractive woman at that. And I find Nick to be incredibly sexy.

    Second, I’ve met the man, and I can assure you, he’s not gay.

    Then you sit back and cast judgment on a man for having an incredibly rare, amazing talent. This blog did not make him look like a douchebag. However, it DID show your seething jealousy, homophobia, and blind hatred for anyone with more talent or success than you have achieved. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  9. Where do you get off calling some one a douch-bag for being more talented than you… I happen to know a few men who have the singing range from Soprano to baritone… so he can sing like a girl and he can sing like a man…

    I’d like you do it like him I bet you can’t…
    now go get a life you non talented douch-bag

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