Manchester United fan Stuart Slann, won’t cheat via Facebook again

stuar-slann_1Stuart Slann, a dedicated Manchester United fan, drove 500 miles for a steamy affair with a woman he met on Facebook only to find out that he was being duped into an elaborate hoax constructed by two Liverpool fans he had upset while vacationing months prior.

After traveling for 9 hours on a journey from his home in South Yorkshire to North Scotland, Stuart, 39, was ready for an exciting sexual weekend with Emma, the attractive twenty-something he had been exchanging provocative messages with on a nightly basis via Facebook.

When he arrived at a farm in a remote area of Aberdeen where Emma had told Stuart she lived, he found the place run down, locked up, and deserted. Moments later, Emma texted him explaining that she had been delayed at work and that he would have to wait for her.

So he waited and waited inside of his car for three hours.

As the day shifted into night, Staurt was becoming increasingly anxious and he decided to give Emma a call to see when she would be home.

He dialed the number he had been texting, but when he heard the ringer stop he was horrified to hear a man with a Liverpool accent answer and say, “Hello Stuart, do you remember us? It’s them Scouse lads who threw you in the pool. You’ve been framed.”

Last November, Stuart met two cage fighters (and equally opinionated soccer fans) from Liverpool at the hotel he was vacationing at in Cancun. After a few days of soccer banter, the two fighters became increasingly annoyed with Stuart’s boasting about Man U. and after their argument erupted, decided to throw him into the hotel pool.

During the scuffle, Stuart broke his ankle and shattered a rib, but the beating he took didn’t end there.

When the two cage fighters returned to Merseyside, they created a fictional Facebook profile under the name Emma and sent him seductive messages while claiming to share a love for Manchester United. Daily Express reports that,

“During the nightly email exchanges that followed, “Emma” told Stuart how she couldn’t wait to meet up and make more of their budding relationship.

To make matters even worse, as Stuart drove to Scotland he was even persuaded in a text message to use his mobile telephone to send a rude photograph of himself to “Emma”, who he mistakenly thought was excitedly waiting for him to arrive north of the border.”

Stuart Slann, father of one, has since been divorced by his wife Louise, 34, after she found out about the intended affair.

Stuart responded by saying, “There’s no doubt I’ve been done good and proper by the lads from Liverpool… It was cruel, but I’ll hold my hands up and say they really wound me up.”

To make matters worse, his photos and the tape of the conversation where Stuart realizes who Emma really is have been posted online by the two pranksters, and are kindly provided below.


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