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Lohan’s Boyfriend Wears Bikini?

Left: Sam and his peace sign, Right: Sam in his bikini

Lindsay Lohan was spotted on the beach with bikini clad boyfriend Sam Ronson. Though funny guy Jim Carrey did the bikini trick a few months ago, Jenny McCarthy wrapped around his waist is a surefire sign the comedian/actor is as straight as Clay Aiken isn’t.

Still, the fact that Sam Ronson was wearing a bikini at the beach raises questions as to whether he may be legitimately gay. Think about it – it has been rumored that Lohan is a lesbian, so imagine if her boyfriend turned out to be gay as well! Crazy right? Together they would be so gay that their gayness would counteract and negate one another, making their gay love somehow not gay…

…And that’s how the dinosaurs got extinct.

What do you think?

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