Lisa Rinna in, tough economic times casting-call for desperate actors


There’s nothing more depressing than meeting an actress at a bar who claims to have been in a few things, but is just trying to, you know like, get her foot in the door and do some networking. Talking to these people is like listening to Charles Barkley analyze a play that he only has the first half of the video for so he tries to explain what happens in his own primitive version of the English language; it’s funny, pathetic, makes less and less sense as the conversation progresses, but you feel obligated to hear him out.

After a few drinks, you invariably find out that said actress is not an actress at all but a hostess at the Applebee’s on Winnetka Ave in Chatsworth.

I really thought there was nothing more depressing than this, especially after I found out that she chose the Chatsworth location because it was near her other job; giving street blowjobs on camera to strangers for a popular but unnamed pornography website.


Then I saw this photo of Lisa Rinna flashing a sign similar to the ones those sandwich promoters spin on the corner of Gayley and Le Conte in Westwood, promoting herself as a candidate for the rumored Melrose Place remake.

We checked her recent credits and saw she just had a role on Hannah Montana, so she actually might be a perfect fit.

But for whatever reason, the street blowjob girl was less depressing to me than watching an ex-working actor whore herself out in front of Marc Jacobs in West Hollywood to absolutely no takers… At least the blowjob lady was getting paid.

And no Lisa, they’re not honking because they love you, they’re honking because you’re standing in the middle of the fucking street.

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