Lines For Links

  1. Cold War Cheerleader Showdown [Coed]
  2. Cuff ‘Em – Spike A Fielder, Go To Jail [BustedCoverage]
  3. The Anti-MLB All-Star Team [Angry T]
  4. Jessica White, on the other hand, is pretty decent [CelebSlam]
  5. Yet another fat Fulmer joke from Atlanta media [Losers With Socks]
  6. Porn or Christie Brinkley: Pick your poison? [Holy Taco]
  7. No more “Dog Offs” needed in this fat country [MacGsWorld]
  8. Chess+Boxing= Chess Boxing [Blog of Hilarity]
  9. Flava Flav lost his v-card at the age of 6 [Brahsome]
  10. Jumping 6 stories into a pool isn’t a good idea [Don Chavez]
  11. Never visit Romania to have your penis worked on [Tasty Booze]
  12. LeTron The Tranny Surprise! [AfroJacks]
  13. Speaking of junk, here is the gayest chandelier ever made [Bright Black Internet]
  14. Not camel tow….Camel Towing [Gibbs12]
  15. Has Anna Kournikova lost a step with her looks? [on205th]
  16. Jenny On The Block and her thick… [Derober]
  17. Elisha Cuthbert a little cold at the beach [Liquid Generation]
  18. She’s 18 so these shots are legal [Flatusyahu]
  19. Brock Landers lusts after Katie Price, AKA Jordan [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
  20. Leelee Sobieski just isn’t hot [Drunken Stepfather]
  21. You can’t coach Amanda Carrier [Uncoached]