LA Fan Tiger Woods Fuels Dodgers in NLCS Fight

(above) Tiger Woods shows his Dodger support at game three of the NLCS in what sports commentators are calling the most awkward picture taken yet during the 2008 post season.

Need to know facts:
Dodgers defeat Phillies (7-2)
Phillies lead series (2-1)
Near Brawl: 3rd Inning after Shane Victorino nearly wore it on the face
Attendees: Tiger Woods, Danny DeVito

Our Thoughts: The Tiger Woods appearance was sponsored by the PGA in an effort to remind people that professional golf still exists, which to be honest, I would rather watch than see Matt Kemp wave at three pitches and strike out one more god damn time (though I admit, he did look better on Sunday).

And a few more scenes from the game:

Approach With Caution

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