Kelly Brook hot bikini on beach in Barbados


Some dude hiding in the bushes was able to snap a few pictures of Kelly Brook frolicking on a Barbados beach in a bikini. Being a paparazzi seems similar to being a predator photographer for National Geographic. You fly all over the world snapping photos of subjects from the cover of trees and bushes… It’s just a lot more pathetic, and if your cover is blown, you’re not eaten alive, you simply become extremely depressed with what your life has become–you’re paid to creep on people no one should care about from bushes and take pictures of them.

Then we put the photos online and hypocritically chastise the creeps who take them.

Where you know Kelly Brook From:

The internet, I guess? Does it matter? I don’t really even (care to) know who she is.

What do you think?

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