Jose Canseco Wants To Put The Gun He Used To Blow His Finger Clean Off Up For Auction


You heard it right. Jose Canseco wants to sell the gun he used to blow off a finger on his left hand at auction. The finger was reattached but allegedly “fell off” during a poker game and is now being kept in his freezer.

TMZ reports that,

It’s clean. It’s got gold-plated grips. And it took out Jose Canseco’s middle finger.

The former MLB superstar has announced he’s selling the handgun that blew off the middle digit on his left hand.

Jose had previously explained that the gun accidentally fired while he was cleaning it earlier this month … and says the whole thing freaked him out because the bullet almost struck his girlfriend.

Now, Jose says he wants the weapon out of his life for good … well, as long as the price is right.

Canseco has said he wants to sell the gun eBay — but the company doesn’t allow people to sell firearms on the website … so he’s gonna have to find another way to unload it.

here are a few excerpts from his Twitter feed.