Jordan Carver: Banned’s Great Gallery

If you’re familiar with Denise Milani, there’s someone else you need to get to know and her name is Jordan Carver.

Jordan Carver is a 25-year-old Los Angeles based German internet model and like Denise Milani, is best known for her unwillingness to shoot fully nude… and her size GGG boobs.

Jordan Carver’s accomplishments include but are not limited to: Miss cobra seat 2011, January cover of ZOO Magazine UK, Spring ’11 cover for ALUFEM Italy, SEMA 2010 Show Girl 2010, Playboy Radio Interviewee, and was ranked no.1 ATV Scene Girl 2010. For an exclusive interview with Jordan Carver heat on over to The Smoking Jacket.

Now onto the good stuff. As always hold control (command on mac) and click on each thumbnail to open a new tab with a much larger, much more interesting photo.