Jennifer Love Hewitt Attempts To Bring Back JNCO Jeans, Fails Miserably

Over the weekend, Jennifer Love Hewitt attempted the impossible – Bringing back JNCO’s. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing less attractive than an attractive chick wearing baggy fat chick leg chutes. Remember when you’d go to the mall in the mid 90’s and you’d see huge groups of kids with chain wallets and jeans wider than they were long? Well there’s a reason why this ended (the guy pictured below can tell you).

You know that guys is wearing two jean skirts under the table. Notice how he is friendless and alone? Surprisingly it isn’t because he painted his face to go to the mall. In actuality, it’s because he, like Jenifer Love Hewitt never realized that wearing JNCO’s or Lee Pipes is not cool. It makes you look like a Zamboni gliding over the ground. And I’ve never been turned on by a Zamboni. So Jennifer Love Hewitt, get some new pants because my boner is lost in your Zamboni parachute shamu leg drapes.

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