Interview with model Denise Milani

Team BANNED was lucky enough to sit down with Denise Milani for a brief question and answer session–and though she says she would never go further than a hug and a kiss on the first date, she does admit to having enjoyed a one night stand(s)…

That said, sounds like dates won’t get you far, so you better hope to see her walk through the door of your local watering hole holding a martini and looking promiscuous–and if not, we provided a huge gallery of Denise after the Q&A. Enjoy.

1.  2008 is about halfway over, what can we expect in the coming months? Any new projects?

Definitely, I’m always planning something new for my site. I travel a lot to remote and exotic places where I shoot amazing photosets. One of the recent trip was to Ibiza, an island of Spain; photosets from this trip are coming to my site soon and I’m really really excited about it.

2. We’ve noticed that you often shoot with other models, who is your favorite to shoot with?

Yes, from time to time I do invite other models to appear on my site with me. I usually do a little interview with them on the camera, we spend a day together, have lots of fun, take great pictures and I have to say that all the girls I invited are amazing.

3. What is your favorite photo set?

To be honest with you, all photosets are very special to me. They remind me of places I’ve been to, and people I’ve met and worked with. Like I mentioned, I really like to shoot with other girls, its always lots of fun.

4. To the best of our knowledge, you’ve never posed topless, when can we expect a topless shoot?

The date has not been announced yet–hehe.

5. What is your favorite part about your body?

What do you think? [wink]

6. Real or fake?

What do you think? [wink]

7. Are you dating anybody? Why, why not?

Well, I’m dating here and there but there’s no one special yet. I travel a lot and my time is limited.

8. Do you prefer younger or older guys? Why?

Age doesn’t really matter to me, as long as there is a chemistry.

9. Where should I take you on a first date?

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but I love intimate lighting, cozy atmosphere, soft romantic music, nice food and great cocktail.

10. How far will you go on the first date?

It depends how the first date turns out, but I wouldn’t go farther than a nice warm hug and a kiss.

11. Ever had a one-night stand? Was it good or bad?

It happened one time and it was more than great.

12. Mac or Windows


13. Dine in or Dine out?

Dine out

14. Vodka or Tequila?


15. Beer or a Martini?


16. Entourage or Sex And The City

Sex and the City

17. Pajamas or nothing?

Sexy Lingerie 🙂

Meet a black person…

Soulja Boy robbed, XXXL tee shirts and several pairs of denim shants missing