If Fox News Had Been There Throughout History

All that is missing are those 3/5ths compromise and Nineteenth Amendment things, which I only assume would go something like — Women fight to amend Constitution, GOP agree Constitution too big, we suggest compromise and give women the Negros other 2/5th.

Still a patriarchy, women think they’re human and black community can now explain their missing lesser half.

Everybody benefits.

For more on Fox News, check out out Fox News Fails Screenshots section.

Source: Reddit

  • tuftedtitmouse

    lol your a moron. love it, but you kinda of mixed up a few. fact check next run.

    • Beth

      Actually, you’re the moron. You used the wrong “your.” You should probably be feeling quite foolish right now.

  • StephenL

    Zzzzzzz…oh yeah, anyone who isn’t a liberal is a racist. You might need to draw again. That race card is starting to fray at the corners.

  • Bob

    Weak. Still haven’t gotten over the fact that it was Republicans who were (generally) anti-slavery and that it was a Republican who freed them.

    If MSNBC had been there:

    – They’d have bitched and moaned about the Civil War, much like most of the libs of the time. “And tell me this, you Fascist oppressor, President Lincoln,” Comrade Keith would have growled, “Why are we putting American lives at stake to free the Negro? Seven out of ten enlightened American liberals are against this war.”

    – They’d have lambasted our involvement in Korea and Vietnam: “How dare we try to stop the spread of Communism, since *everyone who is intelligent* agrees that it’s what’s best for us. Er, them.”

    – They’d have bemoaned the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union, and the Eastern Bloc: “If they fall, Communism falls, and the world will be a darker place.”

    Fox News isn’t perfect, but their ideal (Capitalism, mildly regulated) is far closer to America’s founding principle than is MSNBC’s — heavily regulated mixture of capitalism and Socialism… funny, I don’t remember anywhere in the Constitution stating that a government could force a person to give up his money for the direct benefit of another. Life, liberty, pursuit of (and ownership of, once it is attained) property. Not this socialism crap, which punishes success and rewards failure.

    • swift

      While it was technically the Republicans who were anti-slavery and freed the slaves, back then the Republican party would have been the Democrats of today. I don’t know much about why the switch between the two happened, but the Republicans used to be the liberals.

      • Turkkkkeyyyyy

        Thank god for people who aren’t idiots. Bob, learn about the REAL history of the USA, preferably before you post stupid comments. Thanks….

  • don’t watch fox news.

  • Lucas

    “Still haven’t gotten over the fact that it was Republicans who were (generally) anti-slavery and that it was a Republican who freed them.”

    Oh, and I thought the joke was on Fox News…

    This is perhaps the most explicit acknowledgment I’ve ever seen from a Banana Republican that Fox News is the publicity arm of the party.

  • DJ

    @StephenL I thought you were talking to Fox News just then, and then I had to turn my head sideways and found that I got it wrong. And then I turned my head level again and thought “exactly”

  • JC

    “Race card starting to fray at the edges” LOL Exactly. Liberals make me chuckle. And then throw up a little bit, but mostly chuckle.

  • fart

    @Bob: See the taxing power in the Constitution.

  • Fact Lover

    Lincoln was a republican, so fox news would be on his side. In fact the democrats were pro-slavery. Oh well. Nice try.

  • Hilarious. And yet still they are looked at by millions as a reliable news source. Just scary the world we live in. I guess ignorance is bliss.

  • Uhhhhhh

    “Reagan was a Republican. Fox would have been on his side.”

    We should all know at this point that Republican =/= Conservative and that Democrat =/= Liberal.

    We also know that parties change their ideologies over periods of time. Just look at how much more liberal Reagan is than any current Republican leader today.

    Oh wait, you didn’t know that? What a shock.

  • dave

    The party affiliations in Lincoln’s time while having the same names were not the same ideologies you nitwits.

  • tone man

    fox is not real newz o’riely said it they are provocatur’s big pay and a script ..by the mad men of this planet..who love war money ..if you fox newz ..your a dim wit ..so.. open those eyes and look at all the sourses .and make a informed opinion.on your own ..without rush as well..

    • dyspath

      I sure hope you are trolling… lol wow.

  • lef2rite

    This old and tired false narrative is withering away. If you really pay attention, you’ll know.

  • M

    Boring. Fox news is stupid, but these idiots failed to articulate why.

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  • Bob Coco

    this is the dumbest post ever. Liberals just don’t like when facts get in the way of their agenda.