Idealism Vs. Realism – A Kiai Master Vs. MMA Fighter

[digg-me]In the ideal world, we are one with the universe. We harness our Chi internally to conquer our enemies externally. This is the ideal. However, the world is not an ideal place – at least in the world of fighting. We can’t just study the teachings of Buddha, Rama, Vishnu or Gandolf the gray, and expect to defeat an opponent that has been training under Bas Rutten (I’ll post on him soon, he’s balls crazy) for the past three years. It’s just not logical, and its not reality….

So the fact of the matter is: in an MMA fight, unfortunately, you have to touch your opponent, you cannot use the “force” and throw your opponents across the room like Obi Wan. If you think that works, you need to quit watching The Karate Kid and hit the gym. And if you put $5,000 on the line in the defense of this theory, that you can toss Bas Rutten across the room like a pickle, you are mistaken and in danger of getting knocked out by a guy whose been training while you were lighting incense all day. Fortunately for us however, some old man not only watched The Karate Kid seventeen times, he also watched Parts II and III ad nauseum. He put $5,000 on the line, he waxed on, he waxed off, and he got knocked the FU©K OUT! and it was all caught on video.

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