Huffington Post Writer Fired Over Statements About McCain

[digg-reddit-me]A reporter from the Huffington Post was fired earlier today after a controversial article surfaced Monday about Republican Nominee John McCain. The article, which has since been removed, spoke of the senator’s service in Vietnam.

The writer, who wishes to remain anonymous, went on the record, “I certainly didn’t think this was going to cause such controversy. I never knew that portraying him in such a way would get me fired. I guess it’s too late now. ”

The passage in question has been reproduced for our readers.

“‘The veteran went on,”Certainly John McCain’s defense record is suspect at best. No one questions that he is a war hero, but he shouldn’t get a free pass because of it.'”

“At first, I was confused. I wasn’t the one calling him a war hero, I was quoting a Vietnam veteran for my piece. Calling him a war hero was taking it took far. I was in breach of my contract and for that I apologize.”

When asked if he’s tried to make amends, “I called up Arianna and spoke with her for a bit. Hell, I even voted for her in the recall election in ’03, which is essentially like abstaining. And I’m sure Gary Coleman had a better shot of becoming California’s governor than I did getting my job back.”

The writer expressed concern over the direction of the Huffington Post. “I’m worried that HuffPo is becoming a liberal version of Fox News, complete with sensationalism and hardline ideologues. Except most of the journalists there believe in evolution and global warming, so they’ve got that going for them.”

The Huffington Post could not be reached for comment.

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