Hayden Panettiere Birthday Links

This mouse has little chance vs. this angry cat [Holy Taco]
Stuart Scott has a giant oak on his shirt… [Busted Coverage]
Hank Williams Jr. & MNF going Spanish, white America going to have fit [Machochip]
Usain Bolt dance moves that might catch on in the United States [MacGsWorld]
A fun Olympics game: Chick or Dude [Liquid Generation]
USC WR likes going shirtless around other dudes [Blog of Hilarity]

Top 25 MMA knockouts [Angry T]
The new Hasselhoff social network? [Brahsome]
Get wasted and play beer pong on your Wii [Boosh Magazine]
A mom and a shot glass trick [Tasty Booze]
Colorado State University cheerleader showing off (minor-NSFW) [Don Chavez]
This month’s hot chick in Esquire [Celebridiot]
The only thing big on Amanda are the twins [Gorilla Mask]

Kate Beckinsale went to a beach, wore a nice bikini [on205th]
If you are Australian it’s likely you know this model [CelebSlam]
You can’t coach Playboy Miss September [Uncoached]
This gallery should keep you busy [Coed]
And so will this one… [Bright Black Internet]
Mom would not approve of this chick [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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