GIF Of The Day: Police Chase Win

police chase win gif close call

Always remember to wear your seat belt when you’re being chased by the cops — you never know when you’re about to get t-boned by public transportation… I guess that’s one nice thing about living in California.

And now for the best of the web.

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[unathletic] – Molly Sims will always be a legend
[Celebslam] NSFW – Brooklyn Decker gets topless, she should do this more
[Guyism] – Cintia Dicker goes on tour in a bikini
[Gunaxin] – Just a quick Tila Tequila gallery
[PrettyHot&Sexy] NSFW – Audrina Patridge’s reality show caps, very sexy
[Moe Jackson] – Olivia Wilde just can not look ugly
[BroBible] – Cop uses his power to make a car go in the slow lane, now thats clever
[The Daily What] – I wonder if this kid will ever get with a girl
[Yardbarker] – Knight made false statements about Kentucky, who cares

Banned’s Afternoon Picdump (171 Pictures)

Reporter Looks Like Police Sketch of Rapist  2

Reporter Looks Like Police Sketch of Rapist