The Daily Roundup:

11 Treats You Pray You Don’t Get On Halloween (TopCultured)
Hockey Goalies Scrap It Out (TotalProSports)
Awesome Freaks Of Nature Gallery (TheChive)
The New Pirelli Calender Collection (TotallyCrap)
Stephanie Pratt Is Sexy (AskMen)
Andrea Estevez Is An International Babe (DoubleViking)
Kicks To The Throat End Everything (EvilChili)
The Hottest Mascots Of All Time (Manofest)
January Jones Is Hot (DailyFill)
Paris And Her Nude Photos (CelebSlam)
Ferrin Ceballos Is Giantly Sexy (Uncoached)
80s Cake Is The Best (Walyou)

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Fat People Riding Scooters: A Gallery

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