Erin Andrews Who? Hellooo Ines Sainz Gallo

Sure she’s been around for years, but move over Erin Andrews, there’s a new(er) piece of sideline reporter eye-candy coming to a (Spanish language) sports news network near you. Her name? Ines Sainz Gallo.

She may not speak English (I don’t know, maybe she does, she has a Masters Degree… though, who knows what they really teach at the University of the Valley of Mexico), but no matter, you won’t be able to hear anything she’s saying once you get a look at her.

You don’t usually see butterface reporters, except when they have a body like Ines Sainz.

Complete gallery below.

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  1. she is indeed a very good reporter and a sexy girl in my view but as she is a reporter then she must wear a shirt of pink color and a trouser.

    I loved her in first sight but not like the lover nut as freind in my dreams when i used to be alone(jokes)
    i really mean to say that she is my good freind i would love to meet her once and speak to her in alone if she is in a mood of having that type of personal talk with me
    surely i will be lucky guy to meet her just one talk with her and its all…………………………….

  2. Of course she speaks English!! come on, all private colleges in Mexico (UVM, ITESM, UNAM) teach at least one foreign language.

    She’s from a city called Querétaro, a nice place for turists.

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