Eddie Gaedel, Shortest Man To Ever Play Major League Baseball

37-eddie-gaedel-pinch-hitting-for-st-louis-browns-photograph-c10125965jpegWhile Jonathan Broxton blew yet another Dodger game last night against the St. Louis Cardinals after walking Albert Pujols, Vin Scully attempted to entertain viewers by doing a miniature segment on the shortest baseball player to ever play the game – Eddie Gaedel.

At 3’7″ and just 65 lbs, Eddie Gaedel made his first and only appearance in baseball with the St. Louis Browns on August 19, 1951 – a publicity stunt for the Falstaff Brewing Corporation.

Little Eddie adorned in elf slippers and a jersey with the number “â…›” on the back walked on four straight balls in his only Major League appearance.

For more on the life of Eddie Gaedel, head to ESPN, bur before you go, check out the Eddie Gaedel gallery below.

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