Eastbound & Down: Season 2 Trailer Turns Heads

kenny powers“A man who has seen the things I’ve seen; experienced the loss and pain that I’ve experienced… I transcend race, hombre.” Words spoken by Danny McBride playing Kenny Powers (John Rocker anybody?), the washed up, alcoholic ex-pro we all learned to love in season 1 of HBO’s Eastbound & Down, are a hint at what is to come in the highly anticipated season 2 opener which airs September 26th.

Kenny finds himself in Mexico dishing heaters and firing hand cannons in what looks like a great follow up to season 1.

Cornrows? Check. Guns? Check. Mexican League Baseball? Check. Cockfights? Check. Sea-Doos (The Panty Dropper)? Check.

For more info on Kenny Powers and the upcoming season of Eastbound & Down, head on over to HBO’s official website.

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