Dramatic Alpaca

How this stupid crap makes it onto the front page of Banned In Hollywood is beyond me, someone needs to kill the editor. And now for our daily dose of time wasting links from around the internets.


Top 5 Things Your Girlfriend Does to Annoy You [Social Hype]

Skiing In NYC Streets [ICHI]

Star Trek Characters Receive the Steampunk Treatment in Photographs [Walyou]

Pull Up Cat [Top Cultured]

Modern Japanese Capsule Hotel [Izismile]

Why The Harry Potter Universe Is Secretly Terrifying [Cracked]

Dale Weise is Not Having a Good Day [Uncoached]

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System at Work [ForkParty]

AIDS: Just The Facts [COED Magazine]

Up Yours — X-Rays of the Weirdest Items Found in Butts [Asylum]

Seinfeld’s 10 best sports moments [Guyism]

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