Deal Or No Deal idiot for your viewing pleasure

I had the TV on in the background while I was doing some work and stopped when I heard what I can only describe as ‘exponentially gayer than West Hollywood on Halloween.’ I looked up in disgust to see the above video in its entirety.

What they don’t show in the abbreviated version above is the guy’s living space. He lives in his sister’s tattered house where he shares a room and sleeps in a twin bed very similar to the one I stopped sleeping in when I was six. He desperately needed the money.

Then they brought out a special “bribe gift” to try to coax this dumbass into making the wise decision of taking the deal. The bribe gift was a white bunk bed with pink blankets emblazoned with flowers and frills. The crowd laughed as the fat contestant groaned while his immasculinity was put up for auction. In a pit of embarrassment, he chose ‘no deal’ to avoid the obese awkwardness any longer than necessary, which resulted in much more awkwardness, the dumbest move in gameshow history, and a bakers dozen of creame filled donuts to drown his lifelong sorrows.

It was the most disgusting/entertaining thing I’ve seen on a gameshow, and sad as it was, I knew deep down that he got everything he deserved, which was virtually nothing.

Joaquin Phoenix retires from acting?

What kind of ‘research’ do you mean?