Danny Way Major Fail At X-Games 2008

[digg-reddit-me]Just about an hour ago, Professional Skateboarder Danny Way clipped the coping on his landing during the Big Air competition at the 2008 X-Games and fell roughly 75 feet to the floor.

After lying motionless for 8 minutes, he got up, hobbled to the medic, and then hobbled back up the to the top of the jump for round two, landing his combo cleanly and taking first place.

His third jump however mimicked his first, only this time he hit his head. He was motionless for another 8 minutes, but managed to hobble back up to the top for his fourth and final jump. He nailed it and secured the Gold Medal.

But then Bob Burnquist hit his final jump and took the Gold from him. Needless to say, Danny Way was bummed that there were not two more rounds. A 5th round for him to almost paralyze himself, and a 6th jump to take the gold.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Say It Ain’t So, NedCo