How To Cure A Sore Throat When You’re Sick (And No, It’s Not “Get Drunk”)

Over the weekend I did a lot of drinking and managed to get a sore throat. It’s not strep but it is still amazingly annoying. Anyway, i did some googling and managed to find this post. I tried it, and it worked like a charm. Next time you wake up with a massive hangover a sore throat, and some random girl lying next to you, ask her to make you this little recipe along with your breakfast (which she will eagerly make).

“If it is too late, as in strep, it takes gargling with cayenne in water every fifteen minutes until it goes, and be patient, because it GOES. I haven’t had a sore throat take hold in 15 years or more, though many have tried to start up, which also is a way for many illnesses to sprout.

I generally will gargle cayenne in water at whatever strength I like and do it as much as I can until I tire of it, and then repeat every fifteen minutes, each time swallowing a tiny bit real slowly (not necessary). It only stings the tongue a little when spitting out, otherwise, no discomfort, you can get used to even the swallowing part when you see how well it works. I use the cheap Mexican stuff, but also keep on hand in refrigerator the pesticide free stuff from health store.

Cayenne is a miracle cure for ulcers and so many other conditions, plus aids assimilation of nutrients and vitamins. I will keep cayenne in water in the bathroom in case I get up in the night, so I can gargle once in the night if I am very sick, but if it is in water, it will go bad quickly and needs to be put back in refridge in morning. Afterwards suck on a clove. I have never seen a sore throat that won’t succumb to it.”

I’ve tried it and had great results. Just thought I’d pass this along to all my readers.

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