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Come On Guys, Ease Off, Please

Girls Make Out For Bulls [Video] (TotalProSports)
The Most Obnoxious Oscar Speeches of All Time (SuperTremendous)
Drunken Spring Break Girls (Coed)
How Women of the Oscars (LemonDrop)
Animals Doing Awesome Things (TheChive)
Gingers Don’t Have Friends (TotallyCrap)
Hot Pucci Girls (AskMen)
Hot Girls On The Internets (DoubleViking)
The Coolest Foosball Tables Out There (Oddee)
Amy Hixson Is Sexy (CelebSlam)
Astronaut Spaceship Gayness (Atom)
Queen Is Still Awesome (Uncoached)
Buy Your Own Na’vi Dagger (Walyou)

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HBO’s ‘Band of Btothers’ Inspires New Mini-Series

Mentos Trek

Mentos Trek