[digg-me]I don’t know much about color and printing, nor do I understand much about when to use CMYK versus RGB colors – so when I needed to send something to my printer to be enlarged (I wanted it to be huge so that it would match the junk in my pants), I had to make a decision. I did some googling and then I got distracted by digg, and just about everything else on the internet, so I went to sleep.

When I woke up I searched for CKY2K and came up with this –


And it looked stupid and boring; as stupid as Tila Tequila, and as boring as Jennifer Love Hewitt likely is in bed.

After a disappointing effort, I searched for RGB and came up with this –

Red Green Blue babes

After seeing this I had no clue which one to choose… Red looks illegal, Green a bit banged up, and Blue had a bruise, so I just decided to print in Black and White.

I should have chosen RGB.