Phase 1: Baby Boomers

When: Initial celebrity status following her hit single Genie In A Bottle up until just after Moulin Rouge. Needs work.
Size: B Cup, Aka Pointers.

Phase 2: Sleeping Tumors

When: Her clean, good girl, classic, Marilyn Monroe stage: Not dirty enough, and not big enough…
Size: Small D, aka, Sweet Potatoes

Phase 3: Explosive Ballooners

When: Most recent phase and most preferred stage.
Size: Gigante, aka, Shamu Flappers, Milk Bags, Chest Hams, Block Busters, Balloons, Water Bottles, Watermelons, Under Chinners, Mail Bags, Mammaries, Milking Gourds, Bouncing Buddhas, Sweater Stretchers, Congo Bongos etc…

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