China’s He Kexin Too Young To Be Considered Toddler

BEIJING — Despite relentless questions regarding the eligibility of the Chinese toddler gymnastics team that won the gold medal for women, the International Olympic Committee said Friday that further proof is needed for the case to continue, less it will be “put to rest.”

China has again provided documents from the 2004 team for the 2008 team, proving their eligibility. Coach Lu Shanzhen said the girls’ families are “indignant” that these issues, like most of their freedoms, won’t get swept under the carpet.

“It’s not just me. The parents of our athletes are all very indignant,” Lu explained in an hearing with The Associated Press. “They have faced groundless suspicion. Why aren’t they believed? Why are their children suspected?”

Editor’s Thoughts: Instead of China providing documents, which are about as authentic as the copy of Terminator Salvation I managed to snag on DVD a year before it’s theatrical release in 2009 (I know this not because it’s a pre-release, but because there was dried blood on the packaging, likely from the 9 year old’s fingers who was beaten and forced to package it), China needs to provide photographic evidence that He Kexin is older than she appears in the below picture, which is impossible.

Who needs it in writing when you’ve got it in the flesh?

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