80 Celebrity Polaroids

When it comes to paparazzi, there is really nothing redeeming about what they do. They stake out, they hassle, they stalk, they annoy, and they make a living off of the successes and the celebrity status of others (at least we do all our celebashing from the confines of the office).

And sure, some celebrities do not deserve privacy — Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are perfect examples of those who literally get what they ask for — and then choke on it.

Much differently, I came across the celebrity gallery at and thought it was a very cool idea — not just something to turn a dime. Below are 80 examples.

For more, check out Portroids.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article and linking to my site. I am writing to let your readers know that not all the Polaroids you’ve presented as mine are my work. Everything before the Barack Obama one are Jeremy Kost’s. I just wanted to make sure he got credit for his great shots. More of his photos can be found at or

    Thanks again!

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