Category: Fail

  • Water Slide Fail Compilation 1

    Water Slide Fail Compilation

    There’s a reason why water slides and kiddie pools are made for kids and not fat hairy guys (better known as Kirstie Alleys), so let this be a lesson… to always have your camera ready.

  • Stats Fail On Nancy Grace 1

    Stats Fail On Nancy Grace

    “The stats are hard to know because Duke no longer in the league” is always the right answer to a question about rape, and don’t let Nancy Grace tell you otherwise.

  • Golf Bloopers Prove You're Not Alone 2

    Golf Bloopers Prove You’re Not Alone

    I’ve played golf my entire life and I can attest to the anger and frustration the game rewards you with. I’ve seen people flip golf carts, throw clubs into trees, sets into lakes, and I’ve even seen someone throw a club into a nearby house window. Still, this video amazes me.

  • Triple Full Faceplant 2

    Triple Full Faceplant

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — one of the most repeated maxims in the English language. The only problem — the guy who first coined it, Thomas H. Palmer, was a writer and not a gymnast.

  • Linedrive Foul Ball Gives Fan Beer Facial 2

    Linedrive Foul Ball Gives Fan Beer Facial

    Decent seats at a Washing Nationals game? Check. 16oz bottle of beer? Check. Chance to catch a foul ball? Check. Foul ball slamming into your drink, giving you a frothy beerfacial that headlines the news and takes over the interwebs? Check…

  • Two Guys Too Wasted To Set Up Tents

    Remember the Coachella guy too wasted to keep his sandals on his feet? Well this is like that, multiplied by two times the liquor, slightly larger muscles, many fewer shirts, and you guessed it… tent poles.

  • Cuz They Rapin' Errbody Out Herr! 2

    Cuz They Rapin’ Errbody Out Herr!

    Serious news topic worth reporting about? Check. Minority factor to validate North Alabama’s WAFF 48 as progressive? Check. Rickety ass brother of a rape victim ak’in a fool on live TV to completely invalidate any air of seriousness the story tried to convey? Check.

  • How Not To Jump Into Your Pool 2

    How Not To Jump Into Your Pool

    Q: What do you get when homeboy takes off his shirt, flexes, stands on a rickety wooden fence, flexes, and then tries to dive headfirst into the pool? A: Nutflop.

  • How Not To Play On Your Zipline 2

    How Not To Play On Your Zipline

    The first thing to note is that if you’re playing on your zipline and you’re not a 13-year-old boy you’re already doing it wrong. Second thing to note; your zipline will be more effective if you don’t tether it at a 75-degree angle. I understand that sharper angles generate more velocity, but when said velocity […]